Management is the most powerful force on the planet. No matter how great our talents may be, until we learn how to manage them properly it will be hard to amplify and profit from them.

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Every artist that wants to be great will have to understand that it'll never happen until they're willing to engage professionals in their development. The powerful labels of old knew this and specialized in making sure that they're artists were on point and well prepared. Our goal here at RTP is to sit down and do an in-depth analysis with the artists that are signed to us in development agreements and help them to become the best version of themselves that they can be while never compromising on their unique talents and abilities. 


It seems that today because of the powerful emergence of the independent artists that many have forsaken even the idea of signing with a music label. We still believe that it's great to be with a label and all that it affords up and coming artists. We believe that labels can be the platform for new artists today that aren't necessarily entrepreneurial and that want to get where there going quicker. Every year we hold meetings with new independent artists and discuss the powerful points and benefits of signing with a label and taking advantage of their relationships and distribution system. Don't count out the label, it can work even in today's climate for artists that truly need the guidance and structure. 


If there's anything we believe in when it comes to the music industry, it's that artists, managers, publicists, labels and distributors have to be willing to stay abreast of the facts concerning the music industry and all that it entails. Twice per year we hold our bi-annual "Make It Gospel" event where we educate newbies and show them the ropes of our industry. It's a powerful seminar and workshop led by some of the smartest minds around. See you this year at "Make It Gospel 2018"